Executive coaching

Executive coaching Anouk Brack, MSc focuses on

  •      Steering on Course: clarify where it flows and where it falters
  •      Talent in Action: increase awareness and effective use of own talent
  •      Executive Decisions: Making real choices

‘I would wholeheartedly recommend Anouk as a coach. She is warm, direct and extremely sensitive – managing to ‘tune into’ issues with remarkable speed and understanding. Her coaching seemed to strengthen my belief in my own capacities and assets, whilst getting me to open up to the areas where change could be beneficial, thereby making that change feel more realistic; more self-motivated. Anouk also has a great sense of humour and, most importantly, embodies what she teaches.’

Anna Price, works for the BBC

Example modules:

  •      Communicate effectively,  even under pressure: focus on communication styles, personality types, types of conversations, peak performance techniques
  •      Leadership Compass: clarify own vision, mission, skills and values
  •      Flow Leadership: From stress to flow using the tools of (neuro)biology, psychology and personal leadership
  •      3-D Leadership: Analysis and optimization of three dimensions of leadership (i.e. stage & skills development and state) – increase confidence, compassion and clarity, also in challenging situations.

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